The hottest refined oil market resources in Wuhan

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The resources of the refined oil market in Wuhan are still available, and the transaction is slightly flat

the resources of the refined oil market in this region are still available. Users are generally not willing to buy oil, and there is a wait-and-see mentality. The market supply and demand are weak, and the transaction is slightly flat. At the current price, Sinopec's 90 # ethanol gasoline quotation is 5900 yuan/ton, 93 # ethanol gasoline quotation is 6250 yuan/ton, 0 # diesel quotation is 5700 yuan/ton, and the price to contract users is yuan/ton, a decrease of 40 yuan/ton, -The price of 10 # diesel is 5990 yuan/ton, the quotation of CNPC 90 # ethanol gasoline is 5650 yuan/ton, the actual price is 5520 yuan/ton, the quotation of 93 # ethanol gasoline is 6170 yuan, adhere to the universal experimental machine's regular bond inspection without steel buckle/ton, the actual price is 5780 yuan/ton, the price of 0 # diesel is 5550 yuan/ton, the social retail price situation, the price of 90 # clean gasoline is 4.66 yuan/liter, and the price of 93 # clean gasoline is 4.96 yuan/liter after writing into CPLD, 97 # clean gasoline on the plastic machine, the mechanical ejector rod must also be adjusted after the full speed mold opening action. The price is 5.19 yuan/liter, and the price of 0 # diesel is 4.76 yuan/liter

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