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Refined oil: the price adjustment did not move, and the market fell first

the economic information daily learned a few days ago that with the weak trend of international crude oil prices, the pace of pushing prices up by the two companies stalled in the early stage, and the domestic refined oil price rise factor began to enter a "dormant period". At the same time, the recent decline in the wholesale price of refined oil in Guangzhou, Fujian, Qingdao and other individual regions has increased the possibility of opening the "window" of refined oil price reduction

data show that gasoline prices in Guangdong fell significantly last week, with No. 93 gasoline falling from 9900 yuan/ton to 9500 yuan/ton; Guosan diesel fell to 8600 yuan/ton, a decrease of yuan/ton. The wholesale price of refined oil in Fujian market also loosened. The prices of gasoline and diesel fell by about 50 yuan/ton, with a width of 35 mm. Local traders began to sell diesel, with a quotation of only yuan/ton

it was learned that as of the 25th, the national refined oil trading market was depressed, the trading volume was depressed in all regions except northeast China, and the main shipments were dismal. Gasoline prices have been under pressure and loose, and most transactions are preferential according to volume; Diesel prices are slightly more resistant to decline, with a small decline, and partial transactions are still preferential

it is reported that Guangzhou Petrochemical sells at least 8600 yuan/ton of Guosan 0# diesel oil, 9600 yuan/ton of yuesi 93# gasoline and 10100 yuan/ton of 97# gasoline; Diesel gasoline 1:1 tie-in, diesel 8458 yuan/ton, yuesi 93 # gasoline 9700 yuan/ton, 97 # gasoline 10200 yuan/ton; CNPC 0# diesel can be discounted to 7.14 yuan/liter, yuesi 93# gasoline 9600 yuan/ton, 97# gasoline 10100 yuan/ton, and diesel can also be tied for 1:3. Gasoline is preferential on a volume basis. In Beijing, the price of diesel oil in social units fell significantly. CNOOC 0# diesel oil was 8450 yuan/ton and shipped in large quantities; Sinopec 0 × diesel 8850 yuan/ton, large order 8815 yuan/ton

as for the phenomenon of "price adjustment did not move, but the market fell first" in the refined oil market, Wang Weigang, an analyst at Northeast Securities (000686) who controls the output force of hydraulic cylinders, pointed out in an interview with economic information daily that the current refined oil market price has not been supported by the power shortage and drought, and the gasoline wholesale price rate in some regions fell first, mainly due to the sharp fall in international oil prices. It is reported that since last week, the futures price of crude oil in New York has fallen sharply from nearly $120/barrel to less than $100/barrel, "the international crude oil price has fallen by more than 10%, and the wholesale price of domestic refined oil market is bound to be affected"

relevant analysis points out that the overall performance of the U.S. economic recovery is poor, and the market is still worried about crude oil demand; The crude oil supply in Libya is difficult to recover; It will be difficult for the Federal Reserve to change its ultra loose monetary policy in the short term, and the dollar may maintain a downward trend, which will support crude oil futures; At the same time, the European debt crisis has brought more uncertainty to the market... Combined with the above factors, it is expected that crude oil futures will still be in the consolidation stage this week, and WTI oil prices will fluctuate between US dollars per barrel. If economic data continue to be weak, thus offsetting the growth of demand, or the trend of the US dollar is unable to support crude oil, the oil price will be lowered to US $94 per barrel

Wang Weigang said that if the international crude oil price continues to fall by 3%-5%, the possibility of domestic refined oil price adjustment will increase, and the high-molecular waterproof material waterstop gb18173.2 ⑵ 000

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