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The reform direction of logistics packaging: wrapping packaging

"modern packaging, seizing business opportunities, loading and unloading mechanization, transportation containerization, storage shelving, management informatization" is the basic principle and content of implementing transportation packaging reform and promoting the development of logistics industry. Winding packaging technology is a modern new technology emerging in the field of transportation and packaging in recent years, and it is the basis for promoting containerized transportation and logistics industrialization. This technology is a new technology developed internationally in the 1990s. It adopts the winding and stretching film made of specific formula and process technology. Through the winding and packaging machine made of advanced electronic technology and exquisite mechanical manufacturing technology, various products with regular or irregular shape are wrapped into a whole, so that the goods can be protected, prevent scratches, bumps, damage and loss, and reduce the economic losses caused by poor packaging. Winding packaging technology has the functions of sunscreen, waterproof, moisture-proof, theft-proof, and keeping goods (products) clean, effectively ensuring that goods (products) do not change their physical and chemical properties during transportation and storage, and do not reduce their use value. The application of winding packaging technology can not only change the original and backward packaging of products, but also improve the unit load rate and the efficiency of loading, unloading and transportation; Ensuring the safety of loading and unloading personnel and means of transportation is the basis for the development of containerized transportation and logistics industry; It can make the packaging of goods (products) beautiful, improve the grade of products, especially meet the needs of China's entry into the World Trade Organization and integration with international product packaging, promote product exports, and improve the competitiveness of products in the market. Winding packaging technology can also greatly reduce the cost of goods (products) packaging and improve the economic benefits of industrial enterprises and logistics enterprises, which is also the key to the rapid development of winding packaging technology. The economic benefits brought by winding packaging technology are very considerable. For example, after a medium-sized paper mill with an annual output of 50000 tons changes from kraft paper packaging to winding packaging, its packaging cost is reduced from 35-50 yuan/ton to 11-15 yuan/ton, and the annual packaging cost can be reduced by about 1.2 million yuan; Together with the dampproof effect brought by wrapping, the phenomenon of changing paper performance is eliminated, and the compensation to customers is reduced, the annual economic benefit can be increased by about 4million yuan. Another example is a chemical fiber carpet factory with an annual output of 2000 tons of carpet silk. Four spindles are one unit. After the original carton packaging is changed to winding packaging, the single package cost is only 0.46 yuan/unit, which is only 1/20 of the original carton packaging cost, and the annual packaging cost can be saved by 400000 yuan. A Sino foreign joint venture that produces sanitary wares -- toilets, changed the original single wooden box packaging to a pallet wrapping packaging with 12 products as a unit. After that, the unit packaging cost was reduced from the original 660 yuan to 45~85 yuan (wrapping three layers, and the unit film consumption cost was only about 4 yuan). For a small refractory enterprise with an annual output of 10000 tons, after changing the packaging of plastic bags, fiberboard (plywood), iron corner guards and steel strips to winding packaging, the unit packaging cost is reduced from 150-180 yuan to 40 yuan (wrapping three layers, and the unit film consumption cost is only about 4 yuan), saving 1.1 million yuan in annual packaging cost. For a foreign-funded enterprise producing carbon, its products are packed in wooden cases, and the packaging fee is about 800 yuan; After using pallet wrapping, only 10-11 yuan (10 layers) of wrapping film will be spent. Therefore, in order to connect the fixture with the machine, we should vigorously develop and promote the application of winding packaging technology. 4、 Development status and market prospect of winding packaging industry foreign winding packaging technology has developed rapidly, from the 1980s to the 1990s, the annual consumption of winding packaging film has developed from 500000-600000 tons per year in the early 1990s to nearly 2million tons now. "The content of calcium carbonate is too high. With the further improvement of domestic scientific and technological strength, about 250million goods in the United States were loaded and transported by winding, stretching and wrapping technology every year in the early 1990s. According to the magazine packaging science of the United States, the market share of winding packaging machines in the United States has reached 45000 from 1987 to 1988. Asia Pacific time, a famous manufacturer of winding and packaging machines in the United States, has produced more than 100000 sets. In the mid-1990s, various foreign winding packaging technologies have poured into China's coastal areas. In order to solve the problem of serious damage to product packaging, in the late 1990s, the national packaging improvement office where the author is located organized the "China Transportation Packaging investigation group" with the participation of relevant ministries and commissions such as the national science and Technology Commission and the national building materials administration, as well as packaging offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities, as well as some enterprise experts. They successively went to Australia, New Zealand and the United States to conduct special investigations on winding packaging technology, and brought these technologies back to their countries, Developed and implemented by the newly established Beijing parkin Packaging Co., Ltd. In just a few years, China's winding packaging industry has developed rapidly. In the middle and late 1990s, there were only twoorthree manufacturers of winding and packaging machinery in China, and now there are more than 30 manufacturers, including 5-6 influential ones. The market share of winding and packaging machines is less than 4000. The enterprises that produce and distribute films have grown from one six years ago to more than 600 now. The total annual consumption in China is about 60000 tons, 40% of which are imported films. The types of winding packaging films are still far behind those in developed countries. At present, the market of wrapping packaging in coastal areas has initially taken shape, while the western region is still in a "blind spot". From the overall situation, the application of winding packaging technology in China is still in its infancy. Although it has developed rapidly, there is still a big gap compared with developed countries. The market prospect of winding packaging technology in China is broad

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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