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The third industrial revolution will cause changes in the manufacturing industry. We should pay attention to additive manufacturing, advanced robots, energy interconnection and other fields, and promote the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry. Li Yizhong, former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology and President of the China Federation of industrial economics, said that industry is still the leading force driving the economy. We should firmly grasp the development of the real economy and prevent and avoid the hollowing out of industry and the marginalization of manufacturing

from manufacturing to creation, maximizing the value of the whole industrial chain is the theme of this forum. Indeed, the competition of modern enterprises is not only the competition of the strength of a single enterprise, but also the competition in many fields, such as the management quality, cost advantage and rapid response of upstream and downstream enterprises in the whole industrial chain. The success of the whole industrial chain is the foundation for the rapid development of Chinese enterprises, and it is also the password for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

high quality is the logo

talking about quality and brand, Li Yizhong believes that high quality and famous brands should become the logo made in China. Brand is not only the intersection of material culture, but also the symbol of economic development and social progress. It not only shortens the inspection period, but also has many problems. The strategy of rejuvenating the country by quality has not yet become a basic national policy, and there are also some drawbacks in the system and mechanism. The purpose of enterprises is to provide high-quality goods and services for the society

in Li Yizhong's view, high quality, green, low-carbon, market share and long-lasting should be the basic qualities of excellent brands. Improving quality, developing varieties and creating brands are the purposes of China's manufacturing industry. Quality and service must be recognized by consumers and tested by the market. At the same time, it is necessary to guide and precisely because of this, create and enhance consumption, expand demand and enhance industry competitiveness

the research and development of new technologies and products is the weakness of China's manufacturing industry. Li Yizhong pointed out that we should adopt new technologies and materials to develop advanced manufacturing, improve efficiency and improve the structure of the manufacturing industry, especially focusing on the research and development of key parts and components

in recent years, China's real industry has a high degree of difficulty in standardizing, and the economy has a serious tendency to deviate from reality to falsehood, resulting in a large contrast in the investment profit rate. In this regard, Li Yizhong believes that industry is still the leading force driving the economy and should not be marginalized

how to firmly grasp the development of the real economy and prevent industry from being hollowed out? Li Yizhong put forward the following suggestions: first, deepen the understanding of the importance and arduousness of industrialization. The key to basically realize industrialization is quality and efficiency. To alleviate deep-seated problems, we need to experience the pain of reform. Reform is a national concept, and the eastern, central and western regions are the whole. All regions should proceed from reality, complement each other's advantages, and achieve coordinated and differentiated development

second, vigorously promote the strategic orientation of manufacturing service, and develop productive services such as commerce, logistics, e-commerce, industrial design, information services, etc

third, advocate green and low-carbon, industrial development should add luster to the construction of ecological civilization, develop circular economy, adopt advanced technology and equipment, save energy, reduce consumption, reduce emissions and control pollution; At present, enterprises should increase investment, reduce the discharge of three wastes and achieve environmental protection standards

management should pay attention to five areas

the third industrial revolution represented by new energy marks the arrival of the information age, and personalized digital manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing have entered life

Huang Qunhui, deputy director of the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that under the background of the third industrial revolution, major developed countries have implemented the so-called Reindustrialization strategy. The emergence of three technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics and digital manufacturing, has weakened the existing advantages of made in China

the Reindustrialization strategy of industrialized countries is by no means the repetition and return of the traditional industrialization road, but by looking for new strategic support points for scientific and technological innovation, accelerating the breakthrough of advanced manufacturing technology to drive the development of manufacturing industry, and then promoting the long-term stable development of economy. Huang Qunhui said that the third industrial revolution cannot be simply understood as a sudden change in the manufacturing technology system caused by the emergence and application of individual new manufacturing technologies and equipment such as artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing, industrial robots, 3D printing, etc. its essence is a rich, multi-level, breakthrough but still evolving change in the entire industrial system caused by the development of information technology

research shows that 12 disruptive technologies, represented by 3D printing, IOT and advanced materials, are expected to have a potential impact on the economy of about $15 trillion to $20 trillion in 2025, of which 7 technologies are related to manufacturing

Huang Qunhui believes that the management reform of manufacturing industry under the new industrial revolution is mainly reflected in five fields: production, marketing and strategy. Among them, production management will change from low-cost and mass production to rapid response to the needs of consumers. Human resource management will gradually realize the substitution of a small number of modern knowledge workers for a large number of traditional simple workers, and marketing management will realize the gradual integration of products and services, Strategic management will shift from core competence strategy to platform strategy, and organizational management will also evolve from hierarchical structure to network structure

create a lean full value chain

since the introduction of lean management concept into China in the 1970s and 1980s, lean management mode has taken root in more and more manufacturing enterprises

Lou Qiliang, vice president of CSR group, said with great emotion that through five to six years of lean management practice, the group gradually realized that lean production should be combined with the integration of industrialization and industrialization, so as to realize the whole process information automation from design, procurement, process to production. At the same time, we should also realize the lightweight of assets, which not only refers to the lightweight of plant and equipment, but also includes the lightweight of employees

nowadays, the third industrial revolution, cloud manufacturing, big data and other cutting-edge manufacturing management models have accelerated the pace of manufacturing transformation and upgrading in China. Looking forward to the lean development path of China's manufacturing industry in the future, Wang Yue, Dean of aiboqi cirui lean management college, believes that it is not just lean manufacturing, but lean full value chain will become the mainstream of manufacturing in China to promote lean management, because it is more in line with the characteristics of China's manufacturing industry and tends to be systematic and professional

after more than 20 years of development, the lean practice of China's manufacturing industry has entered the deep-water area. The era of competition for pure finished product manufacturing enterprises has passed. Industrial chain competition will become the main direction of the development of manufacturing enterprises. The profit space and value maximization brought by diversified management and industrial chain extension will become an important way for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Wang Yue said

he Zhen, a professor of Tianjin University, also believes that with the development of new technologies such as logistics and e-commerce, the change of business model has gradually narrowed the distance between enterprises and consumers, from the initial department stores to the later hypermarkets, and then to today's online shopping, which requires the lean of the whole industrial chain and the use of new technologies to create a new mode of manufacturing

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