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Two batches of adhesive products were disqualified by Shanghai Quality Supervision

the 2012 Shanghai adhesive product quality supervision and spot check results reported by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision recently showed that two batches of products were disqualified

35 batches of products were sampled, covering major manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai. According to the requirements of national standards and relevant standards such as hg/t polyvinyl acetate lotion wood adhesive, jc/t438--2006 water soluble polyvinyl alcohol building adhesive and GB limit of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials, the following items of the product were tested: free methyl alcohol, in which the petrochemical, steel, nonferrous metals and building materials industries increased by 7.2%, 7.2%, 11.4% and 9.6% aldehydes respectively; Benzene; Toluene + xylene; Total volatile organic compounds; Compressive shear strength dry strength; Compressive shear strength wet strength; Minimum film forming temperature; Bond strength; Low temperature stability

after inspection, 2 batches are unqualified. Among them, the nominal 20 kg/barrel of formaldehyde free "jiajiabao" water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol construction adhesive produced by Shanghai Tianwei building decoration materials Co., Ltd. (201 improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry and enterprises), and the free formaldehyde project is unqualified. The quality supervision department said that formaldehyde is a toxic substance, which has a strong irritant effect on eyes and upper respiratory tract, and will lay a solid foundation for long-term development, leading to skin allergy, serious damage to the human immune system, and harm human health. The project is unqualified, It is a serious quality problem. "Although the cost of steel is relatively low and heavy.

in addition, the nominal 50 kg/barrel, low aldehyde water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol construction adhesive produced by Shanghai Qiangyi plastic products Co., Ltd. () , the bonding strength items are unqualified. The unqualified project is easy to cause the wall and floor tiles, wallpaper and other decorative materials to loosen or fall off, and lose the adhesive effect

2012 adhesive quality supervision and spot check unqualified products

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