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Shanghai Jiaotong hit a new high in May "If you look at the car seats

the natural rubber futures, which has been very popular recently, pulled Changyang again yesterday. The main contract of Tianjiao on the Shanghai Futures Exchange opened higher, up 3.73%, hitting a new high in recent five months; the performance of rijiao was also strong, breaking through the early resistance position of 281.71 yen at one stroke, closing at 290.6 yen/kg, approaching 300 yen and even greater losses caused by the damage to the brand reputation.

With a lot of themes, Shanghai Jiao attracted a large number of funds to intervene. Yesterday, the total position continued to increase to 108900 hands, with transactions reaching 340700 hands, accounting for 67.74% of the total trading volume of Shanghai Futures Exchange

analysts believe that Tianjiao has formed a situation of Shanghai Tokyo rising in turn. On the one hand, the continuous rise of Japanese rubber will inevitably promote the determination of Shanghai Rubber bulls to continue to raise prices; On the other hand, the strength of Shanghai Rubber supported the price of Japanese rubber. The two exchanges are in the same trading period, and the linkage is quite obvious

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