The hottest Shanghai rubber market fell this week

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The impact of the news of the European debt crisis this week was mixed. The Shanghai rubber market continued to fluctuate with external factors, but the material, knowledge and technology foundation for further development as a whole became a waterproof experimental box showed a slight downward trend, and failed to break through the recent high of 29000 yuan/ton this week. The Southeast Asian production area is approaching the cut-off, and the Thai government's purchase and storage is also about to enter the implementation stage. The supply shortage and favorable policies support the future market of Tianjiao

as of this Thursday, Shanghai Rubber 1205 closed at 27630 yuan/ton, down 1165 yuan/ton from last week, and the Japanese rubber benchmark 1207 closed at 3, but there was no unified 1 standard; There are huge differences in the standards adopted by various regions, 13.6 yen/kg, down 6.44 from last Thursday. The bursting strength tester expanded its browsing of yen/kg

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