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Special safety technical measures for opening construction of parking lot

I. project overview:

according to the requirements of production tasks, the opening of 21102 return air lane on the second floor is used as the parking lot. The construction position is 80.45m North (horizontal distance) of G8 point of track 211 downhill as the opening center. For example, nickel chromium aluminum iridium fiber reinforced nickel base alloy matrix composite can be used to manufacture sealing elements for turbines and compressors. It is excavated 8.174m along the 2# coal floor according to the orientation of 345 57 ′ 50 ″ as the parking lot. In order to ensure the construction safety of the depot, the following special safety technical measures are specially formulated

II. Support method and construction section:

(1) the design determines that the trapezoidal I-steel shed is used as permanent support in this roadway, and the left side is expanded according to the design, and the shed beams are lengthened one by one to form a parking lot. The support material is 12 × mining I-steel. Trapezoidal metal shed support, the shed beam is 12 # miner's steel, the shed leg is 2.80M 12 # miner's steel, the shed distance is 0.5m, the hook plate is 464, and the material is semi round wood with a thickness of not less than 80mm. Between the sheds, 12 # round steel is used as the pull rod, and high-quality miscellaneous wood is used as the back top upper plate. The insertion angle is 500mm, and the circular footage is 500mm

(2) when the I-steel shed is supported, the I-steel shed closely follows the head-on support method. The front frame I-steel shed is more than 300mm away from the head-on, and the support is advanced in time. If it is more than 500mm, the old shed beam is removed in time, and the I-steel shed with proper length is supported and processed. Replace the damaged metal. When the roof is broken, reduce the shed distance

(3) when opening, all roadways within 10m around the opening location must be reinforced

wood point columns shall be set at the bottom of the shed to strengthen the support. Two wood point columns shall be set at the bottom of each shed beam, with a diameter of not less than 160mm and a spacing of MM. The column socket must be dug to 2 # coal floor, and the wooden wedge at the top of the wood point column must be tightened to ensure that the column is powerful. The column is at a certain angle of facing the mountain and must not retreat

III. support technology

1) construction sequence:

① the specific construction arrangement is to first open an opening to the downhill direction of track 211 at 80.45m north of G8 point of track 211 downhill, and excavate 8.174m as a parking lot along the azimuth of 2# coal floor at 34557 ′ 50 ″

②. Safety inspection (roof, gas, engineering quality, probe position, etc.) → water exploration and drainage → manual air pick excavation → knocking on the top → temporary support → coal extraction → replacing shed support → finishing

2) construction steps:

manual air pick excavation, dismantle the left side support material, excavate the left side. During the construction process, there must be a special person to monitor the top and side, expand and brush the left side in place according to the center line, dig out the left side leg socket in time, and hold the right side shed leg after erecting shed beam and temporary support. Take out the left shed leg, insert it into the new column socket, find the insertion angle, and ensure that the depth of the left shed leg socket must not be less than 200mm. The position conforms to the design

3) INVISTA, one of the world's largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers in Shanghai (November 7, 2014), today announced support materials:

1. It adopts 12# mining I-steel shed support. The specification of the shed beam is one I-steel per 0.5m. According to the design angle, the length of each beam is increased to 0.13M compared with the previous one, which is expected to become the basis of "air-conditioning clothes" that enable people to keep cool without air conditioning in hot weather. The specification of shed leg is 2800mm long

2. Based on the design length of 8.174m, subtract the length of half lane of 1.4m. 13 beams need to be replaced. The specifications are 2.93M, 3.06M, 3.19M, 3.32m, 3.45M, 3.58M, 3.71M, 3.84M, 3.97M, 4.1m, 4.23M, 4.36m, 4.49m

3. Back board: it can be reset automatically in the whole process by pressing the reset key on the main interface. It is made of local hard miscellaneous wood, and the specification is length, width and thickness = 800 mm, 80mm and 80mm

4. Wooden wedge: made of high-quality wood, with length, width and thickness = 200 mm, 80mm and 50mm

5. Pull rod: high quality? 12 # made of round steel, with spiral wires on both sides not less than 100mm and 650 mm long

6: use? ≮ a diamond made of 2mm cold drawn iron wire, with length and width = 3.0m and 1.20m, and a grid of 60mm and 60mm

4) I-steel shed support process:

1. Temporary support

front detection beam is used as temporary support, and the front detection beam is made of 14 channel steel, with a length of 4.0m and a spacing of 1200mm. The middle and both sides of the roadway are fixed on the I-beam with special fixing devices. Slide the front detection beam to the head-on position. After erecting the I-steel shed beam on the front detection beam, use a wooden wedge to tighten it. When erecting the I-steel, you must measure the appropriate shed beam with a steel ruler to avoid the wrong shed beam. Lay a metal top, install a solid top and back a solid side. The distance from the front probe beam to the head-on end face shall not be greater than 0.3m, and the distance between the front probe beam and the end faces of the two sides shall not exceed 0.3m. The metal diamond is paved on the front detection beam and directly supported with square timber and steel shed; When the top plate is uneven, the metal diamond is paved on the front detection beam, supported by a steel shed, leveled with a sheet or square wood, and the top plate is connected firmly. The specification of square timber is: length, width and thickness =2800, 120 and 120mm

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