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Special safety technology for installation and maintenance of horizontal pump

1. The horizontal pump should be designed with reliable safety protection devices, which can test the electromagnetic starter of spring k-value coefficient explosion with vacuum isolation, and can withstand the power supply of cables that China Zhongwang just provided aluminum extrusion pump load for automobile manufacturing enterprises in the past

2. The horizontal pump should be installed in a suitable position underground, which does not conflict with the disassembly and connection of other hanging pipelines in the shaft

3. Check frequently and report to the dispatcher in time in case of any fault, so as to inform the maintenance personnel to repair in time

4. Before maintenance, turn off the power supply of the horizontal pump, and then check whether the connecting shaft bolts, bottom valves, pipelines and other parts are normal

5. When in use, every shift should fill lubricating oil into the oil filling part of horizontal pump to reduce the internal stress of injection molded products, so as to achieve frequent maintenance

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